Clean up after your human

Litter on Nether Stowe Fields

Litter on Nether Stowe Fields. Pic: Nick Brickett

Interesting to see over on the very interesting FixMyStreet site that a complaint has come in about the fields opposite Tesco Express at Nether Stowe.

A concerned dog walker has raised concerns that their pooch could be injured by the amount of litter, debris and half-eaten food left in the area:

“I am worried that my dog will injure herself walking on broken glass or pick up a tummy bug from left over food in discarded take away litter.”

The area down there always does seem to look like there’s been an explosion in a food packaging plant, so it’s not difficult to see where the complainant is coming from.

There’s plenty of warnings and penalties for dog owners who don’t take their mess with them, perhaps similar penalties should be enforced if humans leave theirs behind too…

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