Reports claim Lichfield Post newspaper will close

lichfieldpostlogoThe Lichfield Post is among a number of newspapers to be axed by Trinity Mirror, according to reports.

It had earlier been revealed that Trinity Mirror had planned to close unnamed newspapers in the region.

But now a report on claims that an internal memo has confirmed that the Lichfield Post is among seven newspapers to be cut from the company’s portfolio.

The Loughborough Trader Extra, Tamworth Times, Burton Trader, Ashby Trader & Echo, Coalville Echo and Walsall Observer are the other titles facing closure.

The move is expected to lead to more than 90 redundancies across the Midlands.

The Lichfield Post was previously based at an office on Bore Street, but after the closure of the premises, the newspaper was produced from other Trinity Mirror sites, inlcuding their office at Cannock.

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  1. Michael Fabricant

    2nd July, 2009 at 4:38 pm

    If reports from the National Union of Journalists are true and the Lichfield Post is set to close, this is bad news for our City. Newspapers give a sense of community to our City and district and help bind the disparate voices of our area. The closure of a newspaper damages that sense of cohesion. I am very conscious of the pressures newspapers are currently enduring. Newsprint, the paper on which newspapers are printed, is becoming ever more expensive while the recession is taking its toll of advertising budgets and newspaper sales. I hope that other newspapers in the area will continue publishing. Meanwhile, electronic news sources such as the Lichfield Blog are filling the gap – but until there is universal access to the internet, communities must still rely on printed media to obtain really local news stories.

  2. Mrs Woffington

    2nd July, 2009 at 9:46 pm

    Roy Greenslade holds an interesting opposing view: Many still regard newspapers as a community service, but the people running these groups ripped the heart out of that model years ago. Newspapers are not public services but hard-nosed businesses which must sell advertising, and what profit will a newspaper make from advertising when its target audience are pensioners or the community at large? Lichfield pensioners won’t be buying Nike trainers or an iPhone, so where is the major ad revenue to come from to fund the paper’s existence in a declining market?