Fountain close in on Lichfield City Sunday Darts League title

Pic: Mr T in DC

Pic: Mr T in DC

With two games left to the end of the season in the Lichfield City Sunday Darts League Fountain have all but sealed champions status wih their 7-0 away drubbing of White Hart and Windmill’s victory over second-placed Whirlwinds.

That means there is a four point gap between first and second and with Fountain’s far superior legs advantage it means that the Fountain have got to lose their last two 7-0 and Whirlwinds need to win their last two 7-0 to prevent a recurrence of last season’s 1-2.

Elsewhere, Colin Smith of the Conservative Club hit his fourth 180 of the season in their 4-3 victory over Simon Lunn’s LCFCA.

The Greyhound visited a very understrength Dr Johnson who were without a number of key players and had to call on the services of the pub landlord, John Newnes, to help them out, but were still a player short. It didn’t stop them beating Greyhound 5-2 though with Newnes, Kev Sawyer & Denise Sawyer winning in the singles for The Jonno and Tony James and Ray Holton (walkover) for Greyhound.

Newnes & Kev Sawyer then partnered to beat Holton & James in the first of the Doubles 2-0 before Carl & Denise Sawyer made it a mother-and-son doubles to beat Keith Herberts & John Hackett 2-0 to wrap it up.

Full results:
Dr Johnson 5(2) Greyhound 2(0)
Conservative Club 4(2) LCFCA 3(1)
LCFCB 4(2) Bravehearts 3(0)
Windmill 4(2) Whirlwinds 3(0)
White Hart 0(0) Fountain 7(2)