Search begins for new Staffordshire County Council chief executive

Ron Hilton

Ron Hilton

The search is underway to find a new Staffordshire County Council chief executive following the announcement of Ron Hilton’s retirement.

Current chief executive Ron will retire next spring once his successor takes up their post.

Staffordshire County Council Leader Philip Atkins said:

“Since Ron became Chief Executive in October 2007, he has introduced a real can-do culture where we encourage staff to innovate and achievements are celebrated. Much has been achieved and all the evidence shows we are moving in the right direction.

“Ever since taking over the leadership following the June elections I have been impressed by the passion and commitment of staff at every level. Our vision is clear and we now need an outstanding Chief Executive to move us further forward and translate ambition into reality.

“This job is not an easy one. Excellence does not come easily. Our residents, members and staff demand the best; I am determined to deliver them the best Chief Executive.”

Mr Hilton had originally planned to retire in November but has delayed his departure to help the new incumbent settle into his shoes.

Cllr Atkins added:

“I am delighted he has agreed to remain on until his successor takes up their post so we can continue the momentum of improvement.”

Sixty-three-year-old Mr Hilton, first joined Staffordshire County Council in 2001 as Director of Development Services. He became Deputy Chief Executive in February 2007.

He said:

“I’ve been looking forward to retiring for a while but at the same time I will be sad to say goodbye to the fantastic colleagues I have worked with across the county. I╒m very proud of the improvements we have made as an organisation.

“Great people work for the county council and I have no doubt they will go on to achieve excellence for the people of Staffordshire under the leadership team of Philip, the Cabinet and the new chief executive.”

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