Lichfield man follows in daughter’s African footsteps

Barry Mullins

Barry Mullins

It’s a case of like daughter like dad for Lichfield charity adventurer Barry Mullins as he prepares for a trip to Africa to provide running water for some of the country’s poorest people.

Barry, of Church Drive, Shenstone, is heading to Kwazula to help dig wells and build water pumps, amongst other things, for villagers living in absolute poverty.

And it was the fact that his 19-year-old daughter Amy last year travelled to Tanzania to work as a teacher in an impoverished village miles from anywhere that spurred 46-year-old Barry to “go and do his bit”. He explained:

“I was just so proud of Amy – I thought if she can do it then so can I. It’s something I’ve thought about doing for a long time but it was Amy’s actions that gave me the final push I needed.”

To qualify for the trip Barry had to raise £500 for the One Foundation charity and although he doesn’t travel until mid-October he is already past his first target and has his eyes set on hitting the £1,000 mark.

He is making the trip to Kwazula with a team of 22 workmates from Total Uk Ltd – the company is actually footing the bill for all travel and accommodation expenses – so everything Barry and his workmates raise goes straight to the charity.

Barry said:

“A small group of us decided to raise money as a team and we have already got to £1,600 for four of us – plus I have raised another £400 myself so I’m well past the target but I don’t intend stopping yet.”

Amy Mullins with the Fox & Hounds sponsored desk

Amy Mullins with the Fox & Hounds sponsored desk

Money raised by daughter Amy went towards buying new desks for the school she was based. Amy then painted Fox and Hounds on one of the desks as a thank you to regulars at the Shenstone pub who had raised much of the money for her trip.

Now Barry, a regular and former barman at the historic village pub, plans to “pass round the hat” once again to get his total past the magical £1,000 mark. He explained:

“When I went round asking for donations for Amy I raised £300 in less than ten minutes. I know you can’t keep going to the same people all the time but I’m sure the regulars won’t mind digging deep again for such a good cause.”

Fox and Hounds landlord Ken Gardner is putting posters around the pub asking for donations. He said:

“Barry is a really popular with everyone at The Fox. If he does just one collection here I’m sure he will easily raise enough to take him past £1,000.”

Amongst his fund-raising activities Barry raised over £300 when he took part in the Shenstone Fun Run with partner Claire Ketchion.

Anyone wishing to donate to the One Foundation charity can visit

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