New pedestrian crossing for Lichfield village

The new crossing and footpath in Streethay

The new crossing and footpath in Streethay

A new pedestrian crossing has been installed in Lichfield.

The crossing, on the Burton Road (A5127) in Streethay, was put in after complaints from local residents about problems crossing the stretch of road.

Although the road through Streethay is a 30mph zone, villagers claimed motorists often do speeds well in advance of the limit as they enter and exit the A38.

And with a footpath only in place on one side of the Burton Road towards Lichfield, crossing was a dangerous necessity for many.

Staffordshire Highways began work on the new pedestrian crossing in August and as well as the installation of the new traffic lights, a  new stretch of pavement has been added along with improved access to the bus stop.

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  1. Rab

    28th October, 2009 at 3:33 pm

    Personally I thought it was part of Lichfields new Skateboard park with that ramp over the frequently overflowing sewage inspection chamber ! Cant see it being used really as its to far away from both bus stops to be convenient. £60K + could have been spent to better effect in the village.

  2. Streethay dad

    28th October, 2009 at 7:32 pm

    It’s about 250 yards from the bus stops. Regardless of that point of course the crossing was money well spent. Where else do you expect children from the Burton Old Road side to get across to the park on Burton Road? Also if you want to walk into Lichfield you have to cross the road and that was like dicing with death before the crossing. Have you discovered the power of flight or something to cross the road without a crossing?!?!