County Councillor’s Staffordshire Flag campaign gathers pace

County Councillor Matthew Ellis with the Staffordshire Flag

County Councillor Matthew Ellis with the Staffordshire Flag

A campaign to see more businesses and individuals to fly the Staffordshire Flag is gaining momentum.

Staffordshire County Councillor Matthew Ellis (Cons, Lichfield Rural East) has led calls for the people in the region to have a greater sense of pride in the area.

And the Cabinet Member for Adults and Wellbeing kicked off the campaign by buying a Staffordshire Flags for each of the parish areas he represents.

Cllr Ellis said on his official blog:

“It’s pleasing to see several of the parish councils actively looking at how and where to fly them. But some aren’t and that disappoints me!

“More public buildings in Staffordshire are now flying the national flag as a result of a proposal I made in the County Chamber last year and my campaign to use our county flag is also gaining interest.”

The interest in the Staffordshire Flag has come from some unlikely places.

Cllr Ellis added:

“I’ve had a couple of calls from flag associations in the US asking for information on Staffordshire’s emblem and also interest from the business community here and over 20 contacts from individuals who live in our county wanting to know where to buy a flag and whether they need permission to fly it.

“On that point, no you don’t. Flag flying generally falls under planning laws on advertising but the Union Flag, Flag of St George and English County flags are all exempt, as is the pole or staff, as long as nothing else at all is ever flown from it.

“So I’m hopeful that this will gain further momentum as more people and places fly the Flag of Staffordshire and I also hope that the parish councils that are not currently flying their gift flag from me might just consider doing so. If you live in the area I represent, is yours?”

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