Plans drawn up to convert Burntwood pub into apartments

The Centurion pub. Pic: Geoff Pick

The Centurion pub. Pic: Geoff Pick

A Burntwood pub could be turned into housing if plans get the go-ahead.

The Centurion, on Chase Road, is being earmarked for redevelopment in the plans submitted to Lichfield District Council.

If the scheme is given the green light, the pub would be converted into three apartments, while a garage block would be built with a one-bedroom apartment above.

Two semi-detached houses – a two-bed and three-bed – and a four-bedroom detached home are also planned for the pub’s beer garden and car parking.

Local residents can have their say on the proposals on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.

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  1. Lee

    24th December, 2009 at 12:24 pm

    Shocking! It will be such a shame to lose my local pub. With another pub on the road up for sale and a previous pub already turned into homes. Save the Centurion from this tradegy please!!

  2. Steve lloyd

    4th March, 2010 at 11:55 am

    It will be such a shame if we lose yet another pub in Burnt-wood !!!!!!! this pub over the years and is still now doing has done so much for charity’s .The Air ambulance being 1 of the biggest to gain from this friendly quaint pub. But even for the residents living close by it must be a nightmare for them at the moment . This is 1 of the busiest roads in burntwood with busses regularly coming past . But the parking is very restricted with cars regularly being damaged and having wing mirror’s knocked off as cars whizz past squeezing through the narrow gap left by the parked cars which already have to park half on the pavement . So if the pub did go to a housing development the parking situation would be much worse . with the application there could be another 19 car’s as now most people in a relationship have 2 a car each . And 19 people receiving visitor’s all driving would be awful . Where are the cars going to park ? Already the road is packed with parked car’s . And in reality what’s it all for ?????????? So another property developer can make even more money to take out of the area .
    Steve Lloyd

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