Call for residents to help keep Lichfield tidy

Lichfield District Council worker Robin McGimpsey

Lichfield District Council worker Robin McGimpsey

People in Lichfield are being urged to help keep the city tidy in 2010.

Lichfield District Council is calling on visitors to stop dropping litter and do their bit to keep the area clean.

The Council is especially keen to stop people from dropping cigarette butts and chewed gum.

And to make sure the message is getting across, the Council will be patrolling local streets, and issuing a fixed penalty notice of up to £80 to anyone they catch dropping litter, or not cleaning up after their dog.

Councillor Louise Flowith, Cabinet Member for Operational Services, said:

“The beginning of a brand new year is a great opportunity to start afresh and to put an end to bad habits – be that smoking, eating unhealthily or dropping litter. It is in everyone’s interest to keep the district free of litter and dog mess, because we all benefit from clean and tidy streets.

“This is why we’re asking anyone who does drop litter, or fails to clean up after their dog, to make a New Year’s resolution to take pride in where they live and to put an end to their anti-social behaviour.”

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