Lichfield MP pays tribute to young entrepreneurs

Lichfield’s MP has paid tribute to the city’s entrepreneurs of the future after visiting a Young Enterprise event in the city.

Michael Fabricant meets the team behind the Apocalypse Box

Michael Fabricant meets the team behind the Apocalypse Box

The Lichfield Garrick hosted a trade fair featuring the efforts of a dozen companies set up by local school groups.

“These youngsters from Staffordshire schools have set up companies and some could become the big employers of the future,” Michael Fabricant MP said. “Young Enterprise is a fantastic organisation which helps introduce youngsters to business and finance and help create young entrepreneurs.

“One of the most unusual stands was Apocalypse Box set up by students from King Edward VI School in Lichfield with their company, Team Dual. Their website states: ‘Thousands of years ago there lived the Maya civilisation, they predicted great events this world would face and when. Researchers stumbled upon an ancient Mayan calendar, the final date recorded is December 21 2012, and many believe this to be the date of the apocalypse. Doomsday, Armageddon, judgement day, the day of reckoning; call it what you may, but the end is near! Dual are here to prepare you for that day, to help you fight and survive, together we will overcome the dark days that could be upon us if the Mayans were in fact correct.’

“Dual have produced an Apocalypse Box to help customers prepare for the worst! You can find out more on their website.”

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