County councillor promises crackdown on problem parking in Lichfield

Crossfields Road

Crossfields Road

A county councillor has promised a crackdown on problem parking in an area of Lichfield.

A report to the Lichfield Joint Parking Board highlighted issues with vehicles parked in an “anti-social” manner on Crossfields Road, Witley Drive and Trent Valley Road.

Passengers wanting to avoid paying for parking at nearby Trent Valley railway station and businesses on the Crossfields Road Industrial estate were cited as being responsible for some of the problems.

Chair of the Lichfield Joint Parking Board, County Councillor Terry Finn, warned drivers that action would be taken.

“Having visited the area to see the issues, officers from Staffordshire County Council suggested a number of ways parking regulations could be used to tackle some of the problems caused by indiscriminate parking that is causing obstruction, and restricting the flow of traffic,” he said.

“The Board agreed that Lichfield District Council’s parking enforcement officers should be authorised to issue instant penalties on Crossfields Road.

“This means that vehicles parked in the yellow line area, without good reason, will face a fine of up to £70.

“The Board is also considering a number of other recommendations that we hope will address some of the other problems in the area.”

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  1. Darryl

    29th October, 2013 at 9:13 am

    Narrow minded response by Terry Finn.

    Rather than embracing the fact that so many people want to be green and use the train network for their onward travel, the council choose to penalise drivers who are struggling to find adequate parking near to Trent Valley Station.

    Parking can be a problem and enforcement is needed, but it should be a balanced approach, not an opportunist attempt to fill the coffers.

  2. Peabody

    29th October, 2013 at 11:34 am

    The roads have been busy this week even though the car park is empty because of half term. I’d agree that targeting one road isn’t the answer though. All it will do is push these people out into the nearby residential streets. Introducing a better system of parking enforcement is the solution across the WHOLE city and not just reacting to individual complaints. Prevention is better than cure.

  3. Lichfieldbornandbred

    29th October, 2013 at 7:12 pm

    I agree, only this morning I watched a driver in a top of the range Audi park on the footpath in Aspen Close, then walk to Trent Valley station.
    There could be more parking provided but this will not stop the anti-social behaviour of those who are too mean to spend less than the cost of a gallon of petrol to park up for the day.If people were truly trying to be green then why not use a taxi?

  4. Eddie

    29th October, 2013 at 8:37 pm

    @Lichfieldbornandbred – sorry, I meant to give you a + vote not a minus one. whoops. Thoroughly agree with your point.

    @Darryl – Lichfield DC make a loss on the Parking Enforcement division as published in their accounts recently. i.e. the cost of paying the wardens,issuing fines, taking people to court etc is not covered by the fines they recieve. So they’re hardly coining it in and ‘filling the coffers’. Just trying to cover costs to enable parking to be regulated and controlled for the good of all.