Mum teams up with Lichfield student to raise money for cancer charity

A marathon-running mum has teamed up with a Lichfield teenager to raise money for charity.

Chelsey Dixon and Alice Walsh

Chelsey Dixon and Alice Walsh

Alice Walsh will run the Manchester marathon next weekend (April 6) to help Nether Stowe School sixth former Chelsey Dixon reach her fundraising target for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Seventeen-year-old Chelsey was diagnosed with Sarcoma – a type of muscle cancer – when she was 14 and has since had to undergo chemotherapy, radiotherapy and four bouts of surgery.

“I underwent a brain operation followed by three months inpatient chemotherapy, a leg operation, three more months inpatient chemotherapy, six months outpatient chemotherapy, a lung operation and six weeks of radiotherapy before bringing my treatment to an end in September 2012,” Chelsey explained.

“As well as offering an amazing environment to be treated in, Teenage Cancer Trust have helped me with all of me needs outside of the hospital, such as meeting new people, knowing how to talk to friends and family and any other concerns that I had.”

As part of her fundraising drive to help the Teenage Cancer Trust create more specialist wards, Chelsey will be taking part in a parachute jump later this year.

But in the meantime, her cause has been boosted by Alice, who saw Chelsey’s story in the Nether Stowe School newsletter.

Alice – who has previously run half-marathons on behalf of the Donna Louise Trust who helped her daughter through her own health challenges – said: “I’m in the habit of running half marathons for fun, but have set a tougher challenge this year.

“I’ve been quietly training for the Manchester marathon since the middle of November and was going to slink off, do it and then show off my medal later. Then I saw the piece about Chelsey from my daughter’s new school.

“Her story struck a chord with me and I would like to run on behalf of Chelsey and her fundraising efforts.”

People can support Alice and donate to Chelsey’s fundraising efforts via their online giving page.

Alice added: “Even if people only donate a fiver, a lot of fivers can add up to a fair amount.”

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