Lichfield Garrick to host ‘flamboyant’ new theatrical production

A dark comic-tragedy that will shock, contempt and excite in equal measure is coming to the Lichfield Garrick this spring.

Writer Mal Dewhirst said of At The Crossroads: the Bible, Burlesque & the Blues: “I wanted to showcase the real temptations of taking a pub crawl in any town: drink, drugs, sex, over-indulgence is the norm.

Ruth Huddleston as a demonic barman, Emma Allen as Lucifer and Ruth Adams as The Devil

Ruth Huddleston as a demonic barman, Emma Allen as Lucifer and Ruth Adams as The Devil

“What’s changed from the origin of sin tales from Christianity? The change is that now it’s fun, flamboyant and it’s seen as the only way to have a good time.”

The play, a joint production between Lichfield Mysteries and Fired Up Theatre Company, tells a story which brings together Christian mythology and modern-day sin, all to the beat of a heart-stomping rhythm and blues soundtrack.

The stage becomes a visual feast of burlesque and the play becomes a vibrant, brave and unique production that manages to sustain a thumping moral core.

At The Crossroads proudly brings together a cast and creative team of the very best talent from both Fired Up theatre Company and the Lichfield Mysteries.

Director Simon Quinn explained: “We have a truly talented group of people working on this production including musical director Tom Brookes, who has worked on various musical theatre projects throughout the West Midlands, and award-winning burlesque artiste Emma Allen (Felicia Noir) as choreographer.

“The company has worked tirelessly to bring forward the very best young bloods as well experienced actors to bring the characters to life.”

Mal Dewhirst is a former award-winning Staffordshire Poet laureate and Simon Quinn was instrumental in bringing Fired Up Theatre’s productions of The Wall, Quadrophenia and The Fell Walker to the stage.

The play opens at the Lichfield Garrick Studio on May 9 and runs for two nights.

Completely new and original, the production has been funded by the BBC Performing Arts Fund and sees an outstanding collaboration between the Lichfield Mysteries and Fired Up Theatre.

Tickets are £12 (£10 students) from the Garrick box office on 01543 412121 or online at

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