Consultation over plans for dog control orders in Lichfield and Burntwood

A consultation has begun over proposals to introduce dog control orders in parks across Lichfield and Burntwood.

If the idea gets the go-ahead, dogs could be banned from areas such as sports pitches or playgrounds, or owners could be forced to keep them on leads.

Councillor Andy Smith said: “We know that the vast majority of owners keep their dogs under control when visiting our parks. However, we’re considering this action because some concerns have been raised over out of control dogs in certain parks.

“To help us decide whether there is sufficient need for control orders to be put in place, we are talking to local groups that use our parks as well as running an online survey.

“We need to know if anyone has ever had an experience with an out of control dog in one of our parks, whether the principal of the control orders is supported by park users, and, if they are, what format they should take.”

The council say that an ‘out of control dog’ is one that causes nuisance, anxiety or worry to users of the park.

As well as requiring animals to be kept on a lead, the control orders could also see a limit on the number of dogs handled by one person. Breaches of an order would see a fixed penalty notice issued.

The online survey runs until May 9.

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  1. johnthemon

    2nd April, 2014 at 10:53 am

    “or owners could be forced to keep them on leads.”

    The length of dog leads need to be taken into consideration as well, some of these leads far outreach the conventional dog leads.

  2. Sue Woodward

    2nd April, 2014 at 4:01 pm

    I’m genuinely undecided about this and, as a local councillor, would welcome feedback from residents. I see lots of responsible dog owners and their pets enjoying the freedom of using my local park in Chase Terrace and would not want to curtail their enjoyment of this public space. Besides, who’s going to “police” any ban? Having said that, an attack on one child (or adult) is one attack too many….