Call for pedestrian crossing to be installed outside Lichfield pub

Calls have been made for road safety improvements near a Lichfield pub.

The Bowling Green sits on a busy roundabout junction with drinkers who aren’t driving having to cross two lanes of traffic to get to the pub.

And now Lichfield’s MP has written to Staffordshire County Council after almost being run over himself.

“I went there by foot,” said Michael Fabricant. “And it required a quick sprint across busy roads, including the A51, to avoid being mown down by traffic.

“Most visitors drive there and use the car park, but as the Government is keen to avoid drinking and driving, it really does make sense for a pedestrian crossing to be provided to the pub and to the adjacent bowling green.

“I have written to Staffordshire County Council requesting that they consider installing a pedestrian crossing and I am sure that Ember Inns who run The Bowling Green might consider making a contribution towards the costs.

“One of these days, there is going to be a nasty accident with someone being mown down – as I almost was.”

Mr Fabricant’s was visiting the pub for the launch of the Lichfield Lions charity and afterwards was invited to pull a pint.

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  1. A Cynical Parody

    8th April, 2014 at 11:33 am

    I applaud the Clown Prince of Twankers for raising this issue.
    A crossing at Bowling Green island is long overdue.

    If even a politician like Mr F, who shines ever so brightly wherever he goes, struggles to be seen by motorists as he tries to negotiate one of Lichfield’s roads, then there must be a problem.
    Presumably it didn’t help that his small army of acolytes, who hang on his every word and deed, is confined to the social media world rather than the real world as otherwise I’m sure they would have formed a human chain and carried him across to the pub.

    I do also wonder whether we have to wait until our MP is personally affected by an issue before he acts further, rather than merely referring to a particular matter to the relevant junior minister as appears his normal response?

    At least we were spared the photo of Mr F pulling a pint.
    I’m surprised he didn’t dress up in safari suit and pith helmet as he was meeting with Lichfield’s Lion after all – an opportunity for japes and giggles surprisingly missed there by the Clown Prince?