Burntwood teenager hoping new video will spread his positivity

A new video has lifted the lid on a record-breaking Burntwood teenager’s battle with cancer.

Stephen Sutton has made headlines around the globe after celebrities took up his cause to raise £1million – a figure which was quickly eclipsed.

The amount raised for the Teenage Cancer Trust currently stands at more than £2.3million – the charity’s biggest ever single donation.

And the 19-year-old has now released a video showcasing his unique take on living with incurable cancer:

In a new post on Facebook, Stephen wrote: “Alongside fundraising I’ve always tried to help people in lots of other ways too.

“For example, I once did an event involving young people giving out free high fives, fist bumps, hugs, ‘sup nods and handshakes to strangers in the street. Not a penny was raised, but it importantly challenged people to think differently about things and hopefully brightened up their days a bit.

“I always describe my cancer as a huge kick up the backside that taught me a lot of good – the importance of helping others, of making every second count, of making sure life is for LIVING, amongst other things.

“Last month I teamed up with Make A Wish Foundation to make a short documentary about my life and the things I have been doing recently. My wish was to share my story and positivity with as many people as possible.

“The last few days have showed me truly how amazing people and the world can be. Feel free to help out once more by sharing the video link and sharing the positivity.”

People can still donate via Stephen’s JustGiving page.

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