Fine for Burntwood man who left dogs barking during holiday

A man who went on holiday and left his dogs barking at his house in Burntwood has been forced to pay £820.

Keith Mills, of Oakdene Road, pleaded guilty to breaching a noise abatement notice after proceedings were started by Lichfield District Council.

He was originally issued with the notice in 2010 after his five dogs barked “excessively” while he went on holiday.

But in October 2013, the council’s environmental health officers were contacted again by neighbours about the level of noise coming from the house. They found that three dogs had been left their while the family again went on holiday.

Mills, 61, was fined £300 and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £20. The council was awarded costs of £500.

Diane Tilley, Chief Executive of Lichfield District Council, said: “We often receive complaints about noisy dogs and recognise that it is really important that, wherever practical and possible, we reinforce with dog owners the need to take responsibility for the effect their pets’ behaviour has on neighbours.

“Although Mr Mills had arranged for his dogs to be fed each day while he was on holiday, the dogs were left for long periods of time and caused a lot of disturbance for the neighbours.

“We hope this case reminds dog owners to take more responsibility for their pets.”

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