Crime Commissioner backs calls for crackdown on fake whiplash claims

A crackdown on fake whiplash claims has been backed by Staffordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

A new report from the Commons Transport committee says insurance companies must insist on medical examinations for all claims.

Matthew Ellis

Matthew Ellis

And Matthew Ellis backed the view saying fraudulent claims had become a big issue.

“This bent behaviour by a growing minority costs honest people who pay their insurance premiums more money,” he said. “Some in the insurance industry have been taking the easy way out for too long, by not challenging potentially fraudulent claims.

“The judgement by a company that it’s cheaper simply to pay the claim rather than challenge some claimants, who are committing fraud, just isn’t good enough.

“This lack of effort by insurance companies is encouraging an industry of fraudulent claims which ruins lives and costs the rest of us more.

“It’s a modern day racket and I strongly support these recommendations to combat it.”

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