Lichfield and Burntwood residents to get food waste reminder

The new adverts

The new adverts

People living in Lichfield and Burntwood are being reminded not to put food waste in their brown bins.

As a result of changes to the way rubbish is handled, residents now need to put foodstuff in their black bins instead.

To help get the message through, giant adverts have been put on their refuse trucks.

Councillor Iain Eadie said: “We hope plenty of people will see the travelling advertisements and other promotional material we’ve created, because food waste could now contaminate the garden waste we compost, so it’s really important that everyone remembers to add it to their black bins from now on.”

Fruit and vegetables that have spoiled or dropped off trees can still be put in brown bins, but things like potato peelings and cauliflower leaves removed during cooking cannot as they may have come into contact with other food bacteria.

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  1. Rob

    21st August, 2014 at 10:51 am

    Dunno about most people but I peel my potatoes BEFORE cooking them, so they don’t contact the mysterious food bacteria, making them, effectively, garden waste.