Councillor hails national celebration of older residents

A local councillor has welcomed a national celebration of older people.

Alan White

Cllr Alan White

Cllr Alan White, Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet member for health, made his comments after the authority asked residents for their views on age.

And with Older People’s Day taking place last week, he insisted residents of all ages had a part to play in local life.

“People’s perception of what actually is ‘old’ varies from person to person and here in Staffordshire we want to celebrate the positive contribution people continue to make well after retirement,” said Cllr White.

“All too often we dwell on the negatives of getting older and instead we should be focusing more on the huge role older people have to play within families, in communities and at work.

“People used to see 60 as perhaps old, but today this couldn’t be further from the truth for most people and together we want to support people get the most, rather than the least from their later years.”

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