Crime Commissioner insists rise in police complaints shows plan for transparency is working

A rise in the number of complaints against police is a positive thing, according to Staffordshire Crime Commissioner Matthew Ellis.

New figures reveal a 66% year-on-year rise in recorded complaints.

But Mr Ellis insists the figure shows his plan for more transparent policing is working, as many of the incidents would not previously have been included in the statistics.

Matthew Ellis

Matthew Ellis

“I want to see a picture of all aspects of policing which is accurate and honest,” he said. “Achieving that is critical for public confidence and where there is dissatisfaction with the service police provide, or inadequate performance on tackling crime or other local issues, it can only be improved if it’s known about and is in the public domain.

“Establishing the independent Ethics, Transparency and Audit Panel two years ago, and the current rollout of new Safer Neighbourhood Panels that place local residents in each local policing area across Staffordshire at the heart of holding police to account, all support the ambition to make policing here the most transparent anywhere.

“But it can’t happen without clear co-operation from Staffordshire Police and over time co-operation has turned to enthusiasm for working with local people, performance experts from my office carrying out spot audits, and external inspectors doing their work to assure open and transparent policing for Staffordshire.

“The complete and accurate picture these complaint figures portray requires improvement and the mechanisms we now have in place will examine the work the Chief Constable and her team do within policing to ensure that happens.”

For more information about getting involved in Safer Neighbourhood Panels or the Ethics, Transparency and Audit Panel visit the Police and Crime Commissioner’s website.

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