Plans reveal new Lichfield police station will be moved back from the road to reduce risk of terrorism

A proposed new police station in Lichfield could not be built too close to the road because of the risk of a terrorist attack, a report has revealed.

Lichfield District Council’s planning committee is set to discuss the plans at a meeting next week.

One bone of contention with the proposals had been the location of the building on the site at the junction of Eastern Avenue and the Stafford Road.

There had been suggestions that bringing the building nearer to the highway would have been ideal “from an urban design viewpoint”.

But the revised plan has seen the building moved away from the road on the land earmarked for the new police base.

“Such siting – from an urban design viewpoint – is ideal as it encloses the street scene providing the potential for a landmark building to be created on this gateway site for the city,” the report says.

“The applicant has provided justification for this compromised siting. They advice that the siting of the building has been determined due to there being no public facing element to the building and in accordance with guidance provided by the counter terrorism security advisor.

“The advice provided is that the building should be located towards the rear of the site to limit the likelihood of vehicular attack and items being thrown at the building.

“There seems potential to address these concerns through better design solutions. For instance, large boulders could be placed to the front of the building in combination with suitable fencing to prevent vehicles entering the site.

“However, weight has been given to the concerns raised by the counter terrorism security advisor, while the discreet siting also lessens the impact of the building on the openness of the Green Belt.”

The report had advised councillors to approve the development as long as issues raised by Staffordshire Highways are resolved.

There had been concerns over the lack of information with regards to shift patterns and the impact they could have on traffic at peak periods, but Staffordshire Police have since provided this information, according to the report.

It continues: “Presently, there remains objection from Staffordshire Highways regarding the proposal, but information has been submitted in order to address this matter.

“Should this information overcome the issues then it is recommended, on balance, that this application be approved.”

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