Report reveals majority of Lichfield District Council staff don’t feel valued by councillors

A new report has revealed that less than two in every ten Lichfield District Council employees feel valued by councillors.

The offices of Lichfield District Council. Pic: Lichfield District Council

The offices of Lichfield District Council. Pic: Lichfield District Council

The annual staff survey report has been revealed ahead of the local authority’s employment committee meeting next week.

It revealed that just 17% of the 395 staff “feel valued by councillors”, while just 28% felt valued by the organisation.

The report outlined how the local authority was aiming to address the issues raised.

“We are using feedback to further develop the values of the organisation and the ways of working, and through that understand more about what makes staff feel valued,” the report explained.

“The chief executive spoke to councillors about how staff feel about how much councillors value them at a council induction session and emphasised the importance of an effective working relationship.

“When compliments and thanks are given to senior staff by councillors this is being passed on to the teams involved.”

Just over half of those surveyed (53%) said they felt well-informed about Fit for the Future – the council’s review which is aiming to find widespread savings – but just 31% said that the project was “helping to shape the organisation in the right way”.

The report added: “We have reviewed and refreshed the Fit for the Future programme, taken on learning from previous reviews and from the feedback provided from this survey and kept staff informed and involved.

“The focus is on corporate change, reinforcing the message of doing things differently and providing our staff and members with the relevant development tools to enable them to focus on the future rather than just about restructuring or saving money.”

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  1. Loyal Lichfeldian

    23rd October, 2015 at 1:45 pm

    How sad that the hardworking council employees do not feel valued by the Councillors but then the Leader has deferred any decision to implement the new National Living Wage. Interesting that Councillors voted for an above inflation increase in their allowances though.

  2. Simon

    25th October, 2015 at 3:34 pm

    They know how the rest of us feel then.

    I do not feel my Cllr cares or has any interest in me. When you contact them, there is nothing they can do.

    The planning committee keep letting builders, build on every bit of land. They ignore all resident objections. Would be nice if they listened to us from time to time.