Lichfield footballers to become big screen stars in new film

A team of young Lichfield footballers are set to make an appearance on the big screen in a new film.

Lichfield Diamonds during a break from filming for Just Charlie

Lichfield Diamonds during a break from filming for Just Charlie

Just Charlie follows the story of a football mad 14-year-old on the fast track to success who must face up to the fact that she is a girl trapped in a boy’s body.

Former Holby City actress Patricia Potter is among the stars – along with members of the Lichfield Diamonds football team.

Karen Newman, producer of Just Charlie, said: “The writer, Peter Machen, included lots of references in the script to a local team, the Lichfield Diamonds as he had heard that they were very good and would therefore have been appropriate for Charlie’s skill level.

“When we finalised the script we approached Mic Sharrod who runs the actual team to see if they wanted to be involved. They are featured in the film as being Charlie’s new team.

“We inserted some of our actors into the team as they have lines, but many of the actual players are also in it. We have used their training grounds, kit and their assistant coach, Beverley Jarvis, actually plays a small part in the film as Rachel, the assistant coach.”

Movie Just Charlie being shot in Lichfield

Movie Just Charlie being shot in Lichfield

Loughborough actor Harry Gilby takes the lead role in Just Charlie, while will be released in cinemas next year.

Much of the film has also been shot in the Lichfield and Tamworth area, but the Diamonds’ footballing input has played a key part.

Karen added: “One of the key turning points in the story is Charlie being allowed to play for an all girls team.

“It’s not an easy time for Charlie, as not all of the team are in favour of this ‘football star’ boy taking the place of one of their key players. It helps to highlight the prejudices that Charlie faces.”

For more details on the film, follow the @Justcharliefilm twitter account or visit the official website.

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