Lichfield MP blasts tax credits petition as a waste of time

Lichfield’s MP has branded a petition over changes to tax credits a waste of time.

Organisers claimed proposals would push more than 200,000 children into poverty.

They also said hundreds of local families had signed a petition.

The petition received by Michael Fabricant MP

The petition received by Michael Fabricant MP

But Michael Fabricant said the campaign – which was part of a national movement – was nothing more than a party-political stunt.

“We received a large orange box which we were told contained petitions from hundreds of outraged residents about changes to tax credits,” he said. “Imagine my surprise when we found the box seemed rather light.

“When we opened it, it was completely empty except for two pieces of card nestling at the bottom. No names, no addresses of any petitioners – just the number 334 scrawled in .

“Party-political stunts like these are a waste of everyone’s time and an abuse. Grow up!”

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  1. Simon Partridge

    4th December, 2015 at 10:26 am

    What a vile, snide man you are, Michael Fabricant.

    Is it now Tory Party policy to simply mock and belittle anyone with views other than your own? Perhaps you think we’re just “scrounger sympathisers”?

    I signed that petition. And whilst I never really expected it to change your mind (since you had already made it clear you thought that the cuts were “fair”)I had hoped that you would at least acknowledge and respect my viewpoint.

    Instead you choose to hoot and sneer.

    I also helped to deliver the petition to you office so I know that it was made clear to your representative (since you were too busy to accept the petition yourself) that the paperwork that was left for you contained a weblink where you could you view the names of all your constituents who had signed.

    The petition was organised by 38 Degrees whom you well know to be a non-partisan group so to brand it “party political” is plain wrong. Nor was it a “stunt”. It was a genuine attempt by a group of your own constituents, appalled by what George Osborne proposed to do to needy working famiies, to urge you to reconsider your position on the cuts.

    To dismiss us and our concerns in such a snide manner is beyond contempt. I would press you for an apology, but it’s clear from David Cameron’s example in parliament on Wednesday that not saying sorry is also now Tory policy.

    Shame on you , Mr Fabricant. Shame on you.

  2. Darryl

    4th December, 2015 at 3:34 pm

    I was going to comment. Then I read Simon’s comment, who annunciated everything I think perfectly.

  3. Ron

    4th December, 2015 at 5:35 pm

    Poor misguided Simon. Did you really think MP’s were there for us, to represent us? Some may be I daresay, but I think many are most definitely not (just look at the voting this week). Don’t be discouraged, you have done and are doing a great job by reminding these people on our payroll of their responsibilities. They don’t like it. Shame. Just wait for the next Tory rebuke to follow that will no doubt allude to you being a terrorist sympathiser, or loony leftie or more likely both, even though he has no idea who you are.

  4. Mike

    4th December, 2015 at 6:12 pm

    Thank you Simon for informing us of what happened with the petition’s delivery and our MP being too busy to take it personally. He was probably on Twitter looking for every opportunity to ridicule anybody who disagrees with him.