Crime Commissioner says police budget cuts aren’t as bad as expected

Planned cuts to policing budgets are not as bad as expected, Staffordshire’s Crime Commissioner has said.

The Government has confirmed that the reduction will be between 2% and 5% – way below the 20% which had been expected.

Matthew Ellis said the news would not halt his push to find efficiencies through new technology.

Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Ellis

Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Ellis

He said: “The settlement amount is not entirely clear, but in Staffordshire we had planned and prepared for 20% cuts over the next four years and we were on the way to achieving that while minimising the effect on frontline policing.

“It looks as though – from the grant settlement figures released – for Staffordshire the result is a much smaller cut in funding from Government of between 2% and 5%.

“I have prioritised stabilising the budget, driving efficiencies and spending public money more effectively and efficiently, since being elected.

“It is absolutely crucial that we are clear that the reforms to policing, including investing in technology to meet new challenges, new crimes and new threats continue and this settlement provides some financial respite.

“However, it is also about spending the money available as effectively as possible, before asking local people for any extra.”

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  1. Darryl

    18th December, 2015 at 10:17 am

    So 2% is less than 20% ergo it’s not that bad.

    What sort of primary school reasoning is Mr Ellis expecting us to swallow. This depends massively on the starting base the police are coming from and we know for a fact there are fewer officers today than when the Conservatives came to power.

    Aside from figures, anecdotal evidence from the police, whether that’s on TV or speaking to people who have attempted to engage with the police, whether that’s due to crime or other scenarios. Almost all confirm that response times to incidents that are not graded as immediate are extremely poor.

    “2 days to come to a burglary that would have been attended in 2 hours, 5 years ago”
    – direct quote from a PC

    Management reports appear not to reflect the public perception, yet every government seems to reply on figures and performance measures.

    Good luck with those iPads, I’m sure they’ll be game changing.