Leading Lichfield dyslexia school urges parents to buy fountain pens as Christmas gifts

A leading school for children with dyslexia in Lichfield is urging parents to add a fountain pen to Christmas lists.

Maple Hayes Dyslexia School’s head teacher Dr Daryl Brown said the pens can help improve literacy.

“Writing in cursive makes every letter feel different, so is a form of kinaesthetic learning,” Dr Brown said. “A child with dyslexia can learn correct spellings by the individual feel of each letter.

“A fountain pen gives a much better feel than a ballpoint pen, as there is a considerable difference between the upstroke and downstroke when forming letters – which makes each letter easily distinguishable.

“Cursive handwriting also keeps the pen in contact with the paper through the word. Once a child has learnt cursive writing they do not have to focus their attention on visually forming and placing each letter. This enables them to write faster and much more accurately.”

Dr Brown’s advice comes after a visit by Princess Beatrice earlier this year when she was presented with a fountain pen.

Other gifts to help with literacy have been suggested in a video made by the school, including a magazine subscription or books:

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