Medals returned to The Staffordshire Regiment Museum after being stolen more than 40 years ago

Medals which have been missing from The Staffordshire Regiment Museum for more than 40 years have been found.

Some of the returned medals

Some of the returned medals

Forty-three were taken from a display case at the Lichfield City Museum after they were loaned for an exhibition in 1974.

But 25 have now been found after a member of The Staffordshire Regiment Museum spotted them for sale.

A spokesperson said: “Sadly, despite the medals being displayed with all of the care and security that was possible over 40 years ago, the display cases were smashed by an unknown individual and all 43 medals were stolen.

“It was an unexpected surprise when some of the medals were spotted as being available for purchase in the militaria market. After working closely with the vendor and some of the new owners, the return of 25 medals was then negotiated.



“This unexpected return is a true occasion for celebration, bringing the history of so many acts of heroism back to a museum dedicated to celebrating and commemorating the fighting men of the Regiment.

“The museum continues to search for the remaining 18 medals stolen in 1974 – they are out there somewhere.”

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