Burntwood man fined after selling fake Frozen dolls

A Burntwood man has been fined £740 for selling counterfeit Disney Frozen dolls with potentially harmful levels of chemicals in them.

Gavinder Singh Mehat, of Eastgate Street, was found to be selling the items by Staffordshire County Council’s trading standards officers at his store on December 14.

The counterfeit dolls were also found to have 200 times the permitted level of phthalates – a group of chemicals used to make plastics more flexible and durable. Excessive amounts have been linked to a range of health conditions and disorders.

Some of the fake Frozen items seized

Some of the fake Frozen items seized

Items seized included seven individual Elsa and Anna dolls, five Frozen stationary sets, nine pencil cases and one doll set.

Mehat, aged 23, asked his supplier for safety certificates, but they did not relate to the products.

He pleaded guilty to Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading breaches and Trade Mark Act offences, and was fined £240 with £500 costs.

Staffordshire County Council’s trading standards leader Gill Heath said: “Selling counterfeit goods is not a harmless crime – it hits legitimate business, costs people jobs, rips of consumers and as this case shows, can harm the public.

“Counterfeit items are shoddy replicas which are unregulated and untested. They can contain harmful substances and so need to be avoided. Traders who knowingly sell counterfeit goods are betraying the trust of their customers and committing and offence, so our officers will intervene wherever possible.”

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