Crime Commissioner wants to hear more about local policing issues from Lichfield and Burntwood residents

Staffordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner says he wants to hear more views on local policing issues from communities in Lichfield and Burntwood.

Matthew Ellis has held a number of online and in person surgeries across the county since taking up his role, but believes even more conversations need to be had during 2016.

Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Ellis

Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Ellis

He said: “This will be an important, possibly a defining year, for policing across Staffordshire.

“Police officers are having to deal with crimes that are more and more complex including child sexual exploitation, cybercrime and terrorism – but it is also about keeping the balance so that policing keeps a traditional approach to communities, reassuring the public and not forgetting other crimes that may be less complex but still have a real impact on people.

“Ultimately, my office needs views on crime and safety so that I am able to work with communities and find out what the issues are in their areas to make a difference.”

The Commissioner revealed that he hoped to speak to a number of community groups over the coming year to spell out his vision for the future of policing.

“Speaking to more than 20,000 people since I started as Police and Crime Commissioner, at supermarket surgeries, Let’s Talk events, community groups and other meetings and events, has been invaluable and allowed people to raise issues on their minds,” he said.

“Last year saw a lot of changes and developments with work to make policing better, holding it to account and making it more responsive to the communities it serves.

“So, even if your community group had a visit from me 12 months ago or less, there’s a lot to update you on now.

“The public can now hold local police commanders to account and examine and shape the work of policing in their areas through the Safer Neighbourhood Panels.”

Community groups who would like to hear from the Police and Crime Commissioner can call 01785 232270 or email

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