Lichfield and Burntwood residents urged to check on neighbours as cold snap bites

People in Lichfield and Burntwood are being asked to check on neighbours as a weekend of winter weather strikes.

The mercury is expected to plunge in the coming days, leading to a level 3 cold weater alert being issued.

The alert comes as average temperatures are likely to dip below 2°C.

And county councillor Mark Sutton urged people to look out for vulnerable friends, family and neighbours.

“It is worth remembering to always wrap up warm, have plenty of hot food and drinks, and keep an indoor temperature of at least 18°C, especially for those people aged 65 and over or have a long-term illness.

“If you have older or vulnerable neighbours, you may want to check on them too.

“A lot of older people simply won’t go out in cold and icy conditions, so check on them if you can, and see what you can do to help them.

“It may be as simple as popping to the shops for a pint of milk, but to an older or ill person who can’t go out, it may mean a lot.”

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