Burntwood Tories accused of acting “like kids in a sweet shop” over new civic chain

Conservative councillors in Burntwood have been accused of being “like kids in a sweet shop” after approving plans to buy new civic chains.

The Town Council has approved the purchase of a new £500 insignia for the chairman’s consort.

The move has drawn criticism from a previous holder of the role.

Cllr Eric Drinkwater

Cllr Eric Drinkwater

Cllr Eric Drinkwater, leader of the Labour opposition group on Burntwood Town Council, said the logic behind purchasing the chains did not make sense.

“The Conservative administration voted to press ahead with the frivolous idea to provide a chain for the consort to the chairman of the council,” he said. “The was despite our fierce opposition that it was ridiculous and a total waste of taxpayer money.

“Council leader Richard Mosson stated that it was necessary to provide a chain for the consort so that other representatives could recognise them at civic functions – this has never been a problem for many years so it is difficult to understand why it should be now.

“Most parish councils do not provide a badge for the consort.”

Despite his opposition, Cllr Drinkwater said the new civic chain highlighted deeper problems at the council.

“It is not the cost itself, but the cavalier way in which the Conservative administration is performing,” he said.

“At a time of austerity, when all other authorities are having to make considerable cuts, Burntwood Town Council’s Conservative members are acting like kids in a sweet shop and are engaged in a spend, spend, spend campaign.”

Cllr Richard Mosson

Cllr Richard Mosson

Cllr Richard Mosson, leader of Burntwood Town Council has previously branded criticism of the new civic chains as “ludicrous”.

He said: “A council representing almost 30,000 people surely deserves it’s chairman and consort to appear well presented at civic functions?

“The consort’s badge will be in service for many, many years therefore the true cost will be spread over this period.

“It will always retain value and should be recognised as an asset and not a wasted purchase.”

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  1. concerned citizen

    4th February, 2016 at 1:21 pm

    it is worrying that our elected representatives are spending so much time arguing over such a matter. I would far rather they spent their energy looking after the citizens of Burntwood and sorting crucial matters like a health centre, facilities for young and old and so on.
    Councillors – can you please act in a mature manner and focus on the developments needed in the town?