Council tax rise for Burntwood residents is approved

People living in Burntwood will see a rise in their council tax bill after proposals were voted through.

A meeting of Burntwood Town Council this evening approved a new budget, including an increase which will see the money it collects for a Band D property go from £27.91 a year to £37.90 – an increase of more than a third.

Cllr Richard Mosson

Cllr Richard Mosson

Labour councillors had criticised the proposal, but the authority’s Conservative leader, Cllr Richard Mosson, accused them of scaremongering.

“I’m disappointed that the opposition group have spread fear and panic among the local community, when this money represents only a fraction of the overall bill.

“We see this budget as an opportunity to move forward in the ways we can serve the community of Burntwood.

“The previous council tax precept was based on a stagnant council – this is a positive budget and I’m proud that it has vision and community spirit at its heart.”

Labour representatives hit back at Cllr Mosson, insisting that the budget and rise would not provide value for money for local residents.

Cllr Di Evans said: “The precept is increasing to fund unnecessary items.

Cllr Diane Evans

Cllr Diane Evans

“The Conservatives on this council are adding money for a variety of projects, but David Cameron keeps telling us that we should be looking to voluntary groups to run activities.

“So why are we budgeting £5,500 for things like play in the parks and the Christmas festival?”

But Cllr Mosson insisted activities such as these needed to be kickstarted.

“We have made provision but we will still be seeking volunteers and trying to secure funding,” he said. “We have made contact with the Police and Crime Commissioner’s office in a bid to attract funding to make these events bigger and better.

“It’s all about community spirit and as a council we need to take a lead – funding gets the ball rolling.”

Labour’s Cllr Sue Woodward accused the Tory leader of trying to railroad through his plans.

“Cllr Mosson is blinkered in his budget,” she said. “It shows no strategic vision or leadership.

“It is a pick and mix approach of having a bit of this, a bit of that and a bit of something else, bunging it together and labelling it a budget

“There is no link between income and expenditure whatsoever.”

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  1. Rob

    5th February, 2016 at 10:02 pm

    Did someone say “Christmas festival”, I thought a collective noun had been invented for that?