Meeting to decide if Burntwood Town Council will increase its share of council tax bill by a third

Plans by Burntwood Town Council to raise its share of the council tax bill by more than a third have been branded “unacceptable”.

Councillors will gather for a special meeting this evening (February 5) to discuss a proposal to lift the cost of a Band D property from £27.91 a year to £37.90 a year.

A Band A property would see an increase from £18.61 to £25.26.

Cllr Eric Drinkwater

Cllr Eric Drinkwater

But Labour councillor Eric Drinkwater has urged the controlling Conservative group to think again – and warned residents that the increase could have been much higher.

“It was incredible that they were preparing a council tax increase of 60%,” he said. “But because of argument and pressure from Labour members of the council, the figure has been reduced to a still unacceptable figure.

“This was not presented to the council until the eleventh hour, just before the start of our last meeting. Consequently, this item, which was the main and one of the most important items for discussion in the whole year, has had to be deferred to this further meeting.”

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