Burntwood Wakes shows Conservatives can balance the books, councillor insists

A Conservative councillor has insisted the party is providing value for money in Burntwood.

A meeting of Burntwood Town Council saw Labour criticise the ruling Tory group’s budget for the coming year.

They had criticised the amount of spending on activities which could be organised and run by local community groups.

Cllr Natasha Pullen

Cllr Natasha Pullen

But Cllr Natasha Pullen said spending on the Burntwood Wakes showed that the Conservatives could be trusted to make sure the books were balanced.

“In 2014, Labour overspent on the Burntwood Wakes,” she said. “We kept with the £20,000 budget in 2015.

“We’ve also tried to spread the finance more evenly, unlike the Labour administration which had to recover costs through insurance when the event was rained off.

“This shows we have spent our money more wisely.”

Former council leader Di Evans hit back at the criticism though, suggesting Labour had given the Conservative group the opportunity to balance the books.

“The overspend Cllr Pullen talks about was actually covered by sponsorship,” Cllr Evans said.

“It was the Labour administration which decided to change the Burntwood Wakes to the way it is now.”

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  1. Eric N Drinkwater

    8th February, 2016 at 9:52 am

    Another example of the Tories saying anything to cover their own backsides. As councillor Di Evans says it was the labour administration that reduced spending on the Wakes. In respect of activities and Community groups those comments were made by me in relation to Play in the parks and the Christmas festival and they should be run by Community groups with support from the Town Council if necessary.
    I am amazed that an intelligent person like councillor Pullen should criticise the past administration for recovering costs through the Insurance policy due to bad weather interrupting the activities.

  2. Steven Norman

    8th February, 2016 at 6:13 pm

    New Conservative councillors really should check their facts – and history – before commenting. I’d also be grateful if they can reproduce their election addresses on Lichfield Live which said they would increase the Council Tax by 66% – oh no the Leader backed off that sorry, 33 %.

    All councils have to balance their books as did Labour at Burntwood Town Council though the Conservative U turn at the Town Council will make it even more difficult for their District Council colleagues to balance theirs.

    What Labour did was to reduce expenditure on the two-day event a year which could be rained off to be spread throughout the summer and involving more local groups. The Conservatives have carried on with this change.

    If the new Conservatives are suggesting the Council should not have insured against a cancellation (and so recover costs) it is odd they did not oppose this policy for each of the last four years of the weekend Wakes or complain to the Auditor. Maybe this is an implicit criticism of the old guard at BTC by the new ones whose priority seems to be a new shed and a badge of office for the Chairman’s Consort lest they be mistaken for a chauffeur.