Lichfield and Burntwood residents reminded of lantern ban ahead of Chinese New Year

People in Lichfield and Burntwood are being reminded about a ban on lanterns ahead of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Chinese lanterns

Chinese lanterns. Pic: Jirka Matouse

Councillors have deicded to prevent their release due to the risk they pose to livestock.

With Chinese New Year being celebrated today (February 8) a fresh reminder has gone out to locals.

Staffordshire County Councillor Mark Winnington, Cabinet member for the Environment, said: “We are well aware of the damage to property and the misery that these lanterns cause to wildlife and farm animals. This is the reason we have banned the use of them on our land and property.

“We fully support continued calls for an outright ban on the sale of these lanterns. They may well look pretty, but when the debris lands on flammable material, in the countryside or on farms, and is eaten by wildlife and livestock it can cause real problems.

“There are lanterns with bamboo hoops available which are labelled 100% biodegradable but even these can still take time to break down.

“Our animal health team have also seen items labelled as 100% biodegradable which still contain metal parts. These are being described incorrectly, and I would ask people to contact our Trading Standards team on 01785 277875 if they come across them.”

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