Burntwood Town Council’s Conservative leader hits back at Labour’s “cloud cuckoo land” criticism

The leader of Burntwood Town Council has blasted claims he is “living in cloud cuckoo land”.

Labour’s Cllr Eric Drinkwater made the criticism after the Conservatives approved a budget which would see the authority’s share of the council tax bill rise by more than a third.

Cllr Richard Mosson, leader of the controlling Conservative group on Burntwood Town Council, had claimed the new financial plan would help bring a “feel-good factor” back to the area.

Cllr Richard Mosson and Cllr Eric Drinkwater

Cllr Richard Mosson and Cllr Eric Drinkwater

“Cloud cuckoo land?” Cllr Mosson said, in a response to a comment by Cllr Drinkwater on LichfieldLive. “Is this the same cloud cuckoo land Blair and Brown were living in during years and years of uncontrolled spending which nearly bankrupted the UK?

“Or is this the same cloud cuckoo land you were in [at the council meeting] last Friday evening where you stated that you agreed with much of what I had to say?

“The opposition had an opportunity to table an alternative – unfortunately we did not see one? They were all too busy [commenting] on LichfieldLive with their new found social media skills after realising they wasted thousands earlier this year.”

Cllr Drinkwater and his Labour colleague Cllr Di Evans spoke out against the new budget, insisting that the council should cut back the amount it spends on some events and leave the organisation of such initaitives to community groups.

But Cllr Mosson has insisted the Conservative administration needs to play its part in supporting local events following a “poorly organised” Burntwood Wakes last summer.

“Initiatives of our own, such as Play in the Parks and the Christmas Festival, only account for a small percentage of the budget,” he said. “If I remember rightly, they were very successful – residents and, importantly, local children turned out on mass to support all of the events.

“Why would we not build on this? If people did not want these events, they would not have turned up – a bit like the poorly organised and disjointed Burntwood Wakes events of last summer

“Cllr Drinkwater is suggesting we rely on community groups to arrange and coordinate these projects. Where are they?

“What is the role of the council? Is it not to kickstart these events, promote and encourage further sponsorship and involvement of interested groups?

“Residents of Burntwood have had enough of the flat earth politics of the previous controlling group. The world has moved on, sorry.”

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