Labour remain critical of “frivolous” new civic chain for Burntwood Town Council

Labour politicians in Burntwood have reiterated their opposition to a new civic chain.

Burntwood Town Council has approved the new insignia for the chairman’s consort.

Two of the designs being considered for the new Consort's chain

Two of the designs being considered for the new Consort’s chain

At a meeting last week, it was revealed that the cost of the chain had dropped to £455 after receiving new quotes.

But Labour’s Cllr Di Evans said the reduction from the previous £530 figure did not change her party’s stance on the purchase.

Cllr Diane Evans

Cllr Diane Evans

“I said it was a frivolous purchase before and I say it’s a frivolous purchase again,” she said. “In a climate of austerity it is difficult to see how it can be justified.

“The council really does need to look at this again.”

Cllr Richard Mosson, leader of the controlling Conservative group on the council, insisted the new chain was an investment.

“This is a one off purchase which will allow the consort of the chairman to be recognised at civic functions,” he said. “A council representing almost 30,000 people surely deserves its chairman and consort to appear well presented at civic functions?

“The consort’s badge will be in service for many, many years, therefore the true cost will be spread over a significant period of time. It will always retain value and should be recognised as an asset and not a wasted purchase.”

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  1. Rob

    11th February, 2016 at 6:26 pm

    these labour crumblies need to get a life, seriously.