Burntwood kickboxing champion reveals how injury almost ended his career

A champion kickboxer from Burntwood has revealed how a hip injury almost ended his career.

Twenty-three-year-old Sean Daly already held two world titles in the sport when the problem flared up again – forcing him to consider a future outside the ring.

Kickboxer Sean Daly

Kickboxer Sean Daly

But surgery to repair a torn carilage in his hip has got him fighting fit and allowed the electronics student to win all three of his fights.

“It has been hard work, especially as I had put on two stone during my layup,” he said. I had to take extra care not to overdo it or rush things but I have worked hard and my hip really has stood up to the test.”

He was treated by Callum McBryde at Spire Litle Aston Hospital and the orthopaedic surgeon revealed that Sean’s injury could ha

“Sean had a tear in the cartilage in his hip and we agreed that without surgery he was unlikely to get better and would certainly not be able to carry on kickboxing,” he said.

““Often sporting people such as Sean receive minor injuries that, if not treated, get steadily worse until it prevents them from doing many different activities. But the important thing is that rather than give up sport is to get medical help.

“Often it will take three to four months to return to competitive sport following this type of surgery but Sean is young and, with help of tailor-made physiotherapy plan, he was back fighting fit at only 2 months.”

Now Sean, who has fought around England as well as in France, Ireland and Scotland, is planning to turn professional at kickboxing – but not before he gains his university degree.

“I am young enough, fit enough and good enough to go pro but I’m not going to interrupt my studies,” Sean said. “It’s a degree first – something for the future – then I can really concentrate on being a professional kickboxer.

“It’s a tough way to earn a living but I love the sport so I’m going to give it everything I’ve got.”

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