Row over which flag should represent Staffordshire

A row has erupted over Staffordshire’s flag.

A vote is currently taking place to decide which one of two designs should be approved for the county.

The flag design proposed by Staffordshire County Council

The flag design proposed by Staffordshire County Council

But Staffordshire County Council said it would be withdrawing its bid after “losing faith” in the Flag Institute.

The authority currently uses the Stafford Knot and the passant lion on its recognised design.

However, a second pretender to the flag throne has since emerged.

But Cllr Philip Atkins, leader of Staffordshire County Council, said their original design would continue to be used, regardless of the result.

“Our flag has been flown in the county for several years and when we were approached by parish councils asking us to consider registering the flag, we were happy to do so, even though it carries no actual official or legal status.

“We submitted our application in good faith, but unfortunately feel we have to withdraw our application as we have now lost trust and confidence in the whole process.

“We will of course continue to fly our own flag proudly across Staffordshire roofs as we have done so for the past seven years.”

The design proposed by the Staffordshire Heritage Group

The design proposed by the Staffordshire Heritage Group

But the Flag Institute has criticised the county council for “confused and inaccurate” comments over the process.

A spokesperson said: “The application to register an alternative design for a flag of the historic county of Staffordshire has been made by the Staffordshire Heritage Group, supported by 16 other Staffordshire-based organisations.

“The Flag Institute does not register flags specific to modern county council administrative areas. The ‘county’ most people identify with is the historic one, not the modern administrative areas.

“While understandably disappointed that their application has not proceeded unopposed, we are confident that the elected councillors of Staffordshire County Council will, like us, wish to support the democratic choice of people within the historic county of Staffordshire to decide which flag represents them.

“We encourage the people to have their say by voting for the design they prefer.”

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  1. Steven Norman

    29th February, 2016 at 2:49 pm

    If you are going to have a flag for the County of Staffordshire (the County Council itself is unlikely to be in existence in 10 years’ time) then let’s have one consisting of the most common design for the Stafford knot- the one being proposed by the Staffordshire Heritage Group.
    The irony was that the yet to be elected Police and Crime Commissioner, Matthew Ellis, when County Councillor did not seem to know what was used by the Police or the Fire and Rescue Service or even the North and South Staffords.
    So the sooner this is replaced the better for historical consistency and, I would suggest, accuracy.
    It will also give the County Council the opportunity to change the design for PowerPoint presentations which invariably gets mixed up with the text on the slides because it takes up so much space!

  2. Chris

    29th February, 2016 at 4:44 pm

    Counties are a ridiculous, outdated idea that serve no practical purpose anymore other than to provide names for cricket teams.

  3. Alexander Howard

    29th February, 2016 at 9:08 pm

    The Stafford Knot is the universally known symbol of the county, and the Staffordshire Heritage Group’s design displays it very well: the other seems almost embarrassed by it.

  4. Amy

    2nd March, 2016 at 8:37 pm

    This is a ridiculous, if the flag has been flown for several years over the county council buildings, then by now it is a design that not is not only recognisable but reflective of Staffordshire as a whole. The heritage group just want to be recognised as having their glory in designing a flag.
    The idea of having no counties is ludicrous. Each country, location of the UK have very different needs economically and socially, so there for can’t be run from one central power. Each county is so unique, regarding its regional heritage, culture, accents, history and even food! This is what makes Britain so diverse but at the same time United. So our flag is a regional symbol that is a reflection of all of this, as well as something to be proud of.