Lichfield MP hails plan for consultation over “unfair” school funding

Lichfield’s MP says a new consultation could spark the end of a lack of fairness in school funding.

Michael Fabricant has previously criticised the fact that schools in Staffordshire can receive less per pupil than other areas of the country.

But the Government has now confirmed a consultation into how funding should be tackled in future.

Nicky Morgan

Nicky Morgan

He welcomed the move in House of Commons discussion with Secretary of State Nicky Morgan, who said: “We want every school in England, including in Staffordshire, to get the funding it deserves, so that all children – whatever their background and wherever they live in the country – get a great education.

“The introduction of a national funding formula from 2017-18 will see the biggest step towards fairer funding in over a decade – ensuring that pupils get funding that genuinely matches their need. It will also ensure that pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds continue to receive significant additional funding to overcome entrenched barriers to their success.

“This is a key part of our core mission to extend opportunity to all children and provide educational excellence in all parts of the country – rural and urban, shire and metropolitan, north and south.”

Michael Fabricant

Michael Fabricant

Mr Fabricant said Staffordshire had regularly been in the bottom 20 of the school funding tables under previous Labour governments.

But he has urged people in Lichfield and Burntwood to have their say.

He explained: “We will only have ourselves to blame if we do not respond to the consultation.

“The long open wound where schools in other counties receive more funding per pupil than schools in Staffordshire can finally be healed. Geographical location and historical payments should not be a factor – funding should be needs based.

“At long last, we now have an opportunity to right this wrong.”

People can have their say on the proposals via the online consultation.

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  1. Simon Partridge

    9th March, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    Let me save everyone the bother of following the link to the consultation. It’s a 15 page questionnaire asking for responses to a 67 page consultation document. Good luck if you have the time to do that.

    But that’s the whole point, surely? Nobody cares what the average parent or teacher or school governor thinks. The government just want to be able to claim that they have consulted the public on the matter and MPs like Michael Fabricant can pass the buck by saying things like, “We will only have ourselves to blame if we do not respond to the consultation”.

    Clearly then it will be MY fault if my children don’t receive proper funding for the education they need or deserve. Not the fault of the Secretary of State for Education, or the government or even my elected Member of Parliament. No, it will be MY fault.

    It will be MY fault because there aren’t enough hours in my day for me to read a 22,000 word consultation document then provide detailed answers to 29 questions including zingers such as “Do you agree with our proposal to allow local authorities to retain some of their maintained schools’ DSG centrally – in agreement with the maintained schools in the schools forum – to fund the duties they carry out for maintained schools?”

    Neither the government nor Mr Fabricant care what I think on this matter and to pretend otherwise is an insult to my intelligence.