New drama at the Lichfield Garrick explores pressures on friendship during the miners’ strike

Friendship, picket lines, politics and principles will be intertwined in a new play at the Lichfield Garrick.

Women protesting during the miners' strike

Women protesting during the miners strike

Tinned Goods follows Sue and Rachel, who have not spoken since the miners walked out on strike.

A spokesperson for Birmingham-based Tea and Tenacity Theatre Company explaind: “With their friendship suffering under the strain, forgotten wrongs resurface and loyalties are pushed to the limit.

“In a tight-knit town, as the miners’ wives move from background to centre-stage, can the women find a voice in a battle to save their relationships and their way of life?”

Tinned Goods is part of the Lichfield theatre’s monthly Garrick Introducing programme that showcases emerging artists and theatre companies.

The show is at the Garrick on March 31. Tickets cost £14 (£10 for students) and can be booked online at or by calling Lichfield Garrick’s Box Office on 01543 412121.

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