Plans for new 20-metre mobile phone mast in Fazeley are approved

Plans for a new 20-metre mobile phone mast in Fazeley have been approved.

Vodafone and Telefonica are hoping to construct a tower on land off Victory Terrace.

The companies said the 20.5-metre high lattice tower would provide new 4G services for O2 and Vodafone customers.

There had been criticism from a local resident that the structure would be taller than the treeline and have a “detrimental impact” on the visual appearance of the area.

But councillors approved the proposal after a report said that any rejection would likely fail at an appeal.

The planning official’s report said: “While I note the concerns of the neighbouring resident in respect of the character of the area, I am of the view that a reason for refusal on these grounds would be difficult to sustain given that high quality communicartions infrastructure is essential for economic growth.”

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