Conservative and Labour leaders in Burntwood warn town’s healthcare facilities are “not fit for purpose”

Labour and Conservative leaders in Burntwood have joined forces to warn health services in the town are not fit for purpose.

No new facility has been built following the closure of St Matthews and Hammerwich hospitals.

And residents have been warned that the money is not available to fund a long-term replacement for the temporary health and wellbeing centre at Burntwood Leisure Centre.

New Conservative leader of Burntwood Town Council, Cllr Helen Fisher, and Labour opposition group leader, Cllr Diane Evans, have now signed a letter saying more needs to be done for the town’s 27,000 residents.

Cllr Helen Fisher and Cllr Diane Evans

Cllr Helen Fisher and Cllr Diane Evans

“Over many years, local councillors have been involved in numerous discussions with the NHS about emerging plans to improve local health services following the loss of the St Matthews and Hammerwich hospitals,” the councillors said.

“Although the health and wellbeing centre was a welcome addition to health facilities a few years ago, this was always intended to be a temporary facility. It seems to local people that very little has changed apart from buildings becoming older and in poorer condition.

“Years ago Burntwood was promised two new health centres – one at Greenwood House and the other on the Burntwood Leisure Centre site. However, neither of these has happened and local people have no confidence that they will do so in the future.”

The letter has been sent to figures including Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet member for health, Cllr Alan White.

The temporary Health and Wellbeing Centre in Burntwood

The temporary Health and Wellbeing Centre in Burntwood

It continues to warn that a growing population is merely adding to the area’s healthcare woes.

“Burntwood is a growing town with 350 new homes currently being built and another application expected soon for another 150,” Cllr Fisher and Cllr Evans added. “These extra residents will put even more pressure on services that we have.

“Also, like many other places, people are living to an older age and therefore we need reassurance that there is a good health service that they can rely on as their needs increase.

“We have recently lost one GP practice in the town and these patients have had to be dispersed across other practices, thereby putting pressure on the,.

“The health facilities in Burntwood are not adequate or fit for purpose for a town of our size – our residents deserve much better.”

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  1. Sue woodward

    10th June, 2016 at 2:43 pm

    A very positive cross-party initiative, in line with Town Deal priorities, after previous 12 months of inertia and/or point-scoring. This is how things will move forward -,through cooperation and joint efforts not silly yah-boo stuff.