Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant thanks outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron for giving the UK a chance to vote on Brexit

Lichfield’s MP has thanked the outgoing Prime Minister for giving people the chance to vote on the country’s future in the European Union.

David Cameron

David Cameron. Pic: World Economic Forum

David Cameron will step down today (July 13) to be replaced by Theresa May.

His resignation came in the wake of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

Although Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant had been on the other side of the Brexit fence to his party’s leader, he paid tribute to Mr Cameron for the work he had carried out on behalf of the nation.

Michael Fabricant MP

Michael Fabricant MP

“It has been my privilege to serve in David Cameron’s first Government and then, after I resigned to help in the fight against HS2, as Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party,” Mr Fabricant said.

“David was a very approachable PM and we often texted each other as well as having more formal conversations. We share common socially liberal values not only on equal marriage, but also on the need to modernise the economy after the 2008 world banking crash.

“We didn’t agree on everything – HS2 and Brexit are the main examples – but that didn’t seem to damage our working relationship and we agreed on most things.

“The last six years have been exciting but in that period 2.5million more people are in work and unemployment in the Lichfield constituency has been reduced to just 0.8%. That is phenomenal particularly compared with the performance of our European neighbours. And nearly three million new apprenticeships have been created.

“I wish David well for the future and thank him for giving our nation the chance to vote on leaving the European Union.”

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  1. Scribbler

    14th July, 2016 at 11:22 am

    Any news from No.10’s new lodger on whether our MP will get rewarded for the unswerving loyalty he’s shown to Boris…Gove…May?

    He’d make a great No.2 for Boris at the FO, especially after he was so full of praise for him in the early days of the Tory leadership fight and then 24 hours later was saying he wasn’t fit for purpose.

  2. AgitatorofPeople

    15th July, 2016 at 10:48 pm

    Isn’t Theresa May rather clever, she has dragged back the Brexiteers and put them into positions where they have to sort the exit from the EU, Boris looked like he had been winded when he was wheeled out as the FO secretary after resigning to escape just that, now if he and the rest screw up, it lands on their heads and May stays lily white clean, regardless of the outcome.
    May is no David Cameron she is cold and calculating and wont suffer fools, Mr Fabricant is going to have to watch his back.
    Oh dear!