Councillor hoping new stickers will remind motorists of new 20mph speed limit on Burntwood street

A Burntwood councillor hopes new stickers will reinforce a 20mph speed limit on a Chase Terrace road.

Princess Street residents saw the limit lowered almost a year ago, but claim some drivers are not keeping to it.

So Cllr Sue Woodward has delivered stickers for wheelie bins highlighting the speed limit to locals to ensure motorists are aware.

Cllr Sue Woodward with the new 20mph stickers

Cllr Sue Woodward with the new 20mph stickers

The 20mph zone, along with extensions to some double yellow line parking restrictions, were put in place last August following extensive consultation with local residents.

Cllr Woodward said: “I’ve had far fewer complaints about traffic in this area over the past year in comparison to previous years but occasionally people still tell me that drivers are breaking the speed limit.

“Working with the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership, who supplied the wheelie bin stickers, I’m hoping that residents will play their own part now in reinforcing the 20mph zone.

“The fact is that there are far more cars on these narrow residential roads than was ever thought of. There’s no perfect solution and, while we knew ​the 20mph zone wouldn’t solve all of the problems, it​has gone​a long way towards it​”

Locals are being asked to keep tabs on cars which still ignore the new limit.

Cllr Woodward added:​”If drivers continue to flout the speed restrictions, I would urge residents to note the registration numbers of cars and​report them to the 101 police number. Alternatively, they can contact​follow it up​ with the police.”

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  1. Darryl

    30th August, 2016 at 4:44 pm

    I’ve got news for you Sue, they don’t.

    We have them on Birmingham Road, Shenstone and they are roundly ignored for the one day the bins are out. These penny pinching methods are all but useless, priority barriers, speed cameras, average speed cameras and traffic police are all very expensive, but far more effective.

    We have the technology, why not use it?

    Why does it always take a death or serious incident to force councils to take action? Why are they never proactive?