Green Party says argument behind Lichfield electoral boundary changes does not add up

The Green Party say the argument for moving Whittington and Streethay into the Tamworth constituency does not stack up.

The Boundary Commission had drawn up plans to move parts of Lichfield into the neighbouring electoral area.

It would mean voters in these areas calling a ballot for Tamworth’s MP rather than Lichfield’s.

The move was branded as a “nonsense” by MP Michael Fabricant.

Robert Pass

Robert Pass

Robert Pass, lifelong Whittington resident and current chair of the Green Party’s Lichfield and Burntwood branch, said: “For once I find myself in agreement with Michael Fabricant. The Boundary Commission’s plan to remove Whittington from the Lichfield constituency is mindless and insensitive.

“Whittington has historic connections with Lichfield, from the origins of the Barracks, to the fact that Whittington Primary School feeds King Edward VI secondary school.

“Whittington has far closer associations with Lichfield than Tamworth.”

The changes are part of proposals to balance out the number of voters in each constituency and reduce the overall number of MPs.

But Mr Pass also questioned the rhetoric behind the new proposals.

“The official reasons the government gave for the Boundary Review don’t hold water,” he added. “They said they wanted to cut costs by reducing number of MPs, however, the Conservative Party has been busy stuffing the Lords with huge numbers of new unelected representatives at great public expense, which rather undermines the aim.

“They are also claiming that they want to even out the size of constituencies so people are more fairly represented.

“However, that is not what will be achieved, because the government choose to use December 2015 Electoral Register figures, knowing that huge numbers of young and poorer voters had fallen off the register at that date due to changes made to voter registration, against strong Electoral Commission advice. This meant the register was at its most inaccurate ever, and the inaccuracies greatly favour the Conservatives.

“The real prize here is a swathe of new Tory ‘safe’ seats.”

People have until December 5 to give their views on the proposal via the online consultation website.

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  1. Rob

    14th September, 2016 at 6:47 pm

    “The real prize here is a swathe of new Tory ‘safe’ seats.”
    I hope you’re right, I’ll look forward to that.

  2. Richard

    14th September, 2016 at 6:50 pm

    Whittington is obviously part of Lichfield, these proposals are ridiculous!

    As for the Tory sculduggery, is anyone surprised? They keep pushing the limits of what the public will allow to see what they can get away with…attempting to privatise the public forests, forcing all schools to become academies, creeping privatisation of the NHS, TTIP, repeal of the fox hunting ban, cutting payments to the disabled…

    The list goes on and on!

  3. AgitatorofPeople

    14th September, 2016 at 10:00 pm

    The boundary changes will mean that it strengthens Conservative votes in this constituency and gives the strong Tory voting area of Whittington & Streethay to another “Conservative” MP Christopher Pincher, which will increase his majority.
    To see how this rigged this system is towards the Conservative party, one person in the Lichfield constituency does not really have one vote, they have the equivalent of 0.043 votes.
    The power of voters in this constituency is based on the probability of the seat changing hands and its size. While you might think that every vote counts equally, where you live in the UK has a huge effect on your power to influence the election,the average UK voter has 7.14x more voting power than voters in Lichfield (figs: NEF Voters Power Index).
    All this boundary change does is make sure that the Conservative party and its councillors are massively outweighing any other party.
    No different representative voices to raise concerns or have an oversight on what the single Conservative party are doing behind closed doors. Not a healthy political situation (unless your are an MP or Councillor) in what is supposed to be a fair democratic society.
    It’s about time the present voting system was reformed and not fiddled with to help the incumbent government.
    Apologies about the cut and paste from another reply but it is relevant and as Robert Pass points out, it is also breaking up our community, the whole thing is a farce.