CBeebies TV show goes behind the scenes of Armitage Shanks factory to see how toilets are made

A TV programme has gone behind the doors of the UK’s only remaining toilet making factory.

The Armitage Shanks premises near Lichfield featured on the CBeebies series Do You Know?.

The Armitage Shanks factory

The Armitage Shanks factory

Viewers were able to find out more about a ceramic toilet is made, from raw material to casting, glazing, through the kiln drying and packaging.

Jenny Smith, from the factory’s owner Ideal Standard said: “As the UK’s only remaining major sanitaryware manufacturer we were delighted to welcome CBeebies into our historic Armitage factory for this new show.

“It helped young children understand the skill and expertise that goes into making an the everyday item familiar to everyone that is the humble toilet.

“It was great for the business and all the factory colleagues to be involved in something that showcases a behind-the-scenes look at how high-quality bathroom products are made here in UK, in the Midlands.”

The Armitage Shanks factory was opened in 1817 and currently employs 500 people, producing more than 1,500 toilets a day, along with other bathroom ceramics.

The episode is available on the BBC iPlayer.

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