Councillors asked to reconsider plan to limit routes HGVs can use for proposed Liberty Park development in Lichfield

Councillors will be asked to reconsider a decision to limit which routes lorries could use for a proposed new industrial development in Lichfield.

The latest round in the battle between the Liberty Park developers and residents in Streethay will go before Lichfield District Council’s planning committee later this month.

Plans have been drawn up for three new units at the rear of properties on Burton Old Road.

The Burton Road through Streethay

The Burton Road through Streethay

A previous meeting saw councillors agree to a restriction which would prevent HGVs from the site entering and exiting the site in Streethay via Burton Road, with Cappers Lane earmarked as the preferred option.

But the developers have now challenged the clause – and a report to the planning committee reveals the council’s solicitor has recommended councillors reconsider the decision.

The report said: “It is not considered reasonable to place a restriction in movement on HGVs. The condition is not considered proportionate given the restrictions placed on future occupants are acknowledged to be such that it would impact upon the attractiveness of the site for future users.

“It is, however, considered reasonable for a condition to seek to limit – but not prevent – HGV movements directly associated with industrial units, from using a specific road.

“As such, it is proposed to add a condition in order to agree a HGV routing strategy and via this mechanism, the HGV traffic could be encouraged to utilise Cappers Lane, rather than Burton Road to gain access to the A38.”

The issues will be discussed by the planning committee on October 17.

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  1. Sj

    14th October, 2016 at 10:51 am

    We know they will never impose a limit ,just as padestrianisation of the Market square in the city centre is never enforced nice sentiment though we’re so grateful

  2. Roy Appleby

    28th November, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    The Council don’t run this district the Haulage Companies do. I suggest you show your anger at the ballot box.

  3. Peter

    1st December, 2016 at 9:11 pm

    Was lovely to see another lorry stuck under the bridge by Lichfield City at 8.45 tonight.

    The old saying, you never see a policeman when you need one, was wrong. The lorry driver seemed to try and sneak under, then there was an unmarked police car in front of him.

    Too many lorries in a city not designed for them.