Mister Maker ready to entertain kids and not-so-little kids at the Lichfield Garrick

Children’s arts and crafts superstar Mister Maker is making his first ever appearance at the Lichfield Garrick with his live theatre show.

The CBeebies presenter will be taking his arty adventure across the UK, starting in the city tomorrow (May 27) and promises to entertain Lichfield’s mini makers and grown-ups alike.

Originally having two performances on the opening day, the Garrick released tickets for a third performance on the day due to the demand for tickets.

Mister Maker and The Shapes

Mister Maker and The Shapes

Phil Gallagher, who has been on our screens as Mister Maker for ten years, told LichfieldLive that audiences should expect the unexpected.

“You will see the things you expect to see from Mister Maker – lots of arts and crafts, catchphrases and features from the TV show,” he said. “But what we really wanted to do with the show was create lots of new things that the audience haven’t seen before which will really surprise and make them laugh as well.

“We designed the show for kids and they are our core audience of course, but also we wanted to make it genuinely enjoyable for the grown-ups.”

After starring in panto last year Phil admitted that the challenge of keeping a theatre full of kids entertained can be tough.

“It is a challenge but one we really embrace,” he said. “What we’ve tried to do with the live show is make it visually and audibly exciting to make it a real visual spectacular.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re one or 101, there’s something that all ages can take from a pantomime and we’ve enthused that pantomime spirit into Mister Maker Live.”

It appears that Phil has always been creative, so donning the now famous costume hasn’t been too much of a challenge.

He said: “It sounds cliché but becoming Mister Maker has been a dream come true.

Art Attack and Blue Peter were always favourites of mine growing up, but it was with my grandad I used to love making things. He was very creative and a skilled carpenter. I’d get my apron on and go the shed and help him make things.

“To get to be creative as a job now is something I feel very lucky about.”

He’s shown thousands of children how to be creative through his TV show, but Phil says it’s the adults who notice him when he’s out and about.

“Kids really expect to see me dressed in my spotty waistcoat and my hair spiking up, but a lot of grown-ups do recognise me and stop me for a cheeky selfie,” he laughed, before revealing more about a busy schedule which has seen him return from Australia before heading out across the UK until November.

“Traveling is a real privilege, but when I’m on tour I do look forward to seeing my family and having a roast dinner at my mom’s house when I get back,” Phil said.

For ticket details about tomorrow’s performance of Mister Maker and The Shapes Live call 01543 412110 or visit www.lichfieldgarrick.com.


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